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Application for Standpipe Access

This form must be used to apply for access to the Corporation Standpipes.  Please allow five working days for the processing of this applicaiton and notification to be sent.

Note - A $100 (per key) payment is required which is refundable when access to standpipe ceases or key is returned (see note 12 below).

Conditions of Access

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) has provided standpipes in a number of towns for access by commercial water carriers, and the Standpipe Upgrade project is upgrading standpipes in some towns to a Credit/Debit card and Account card system – refer Standpipe Locations ( A small number of towns also have drought relief standpipes that may be accessed by the general public during drought periods.

  1. Water carriers have a responsibility under health and safety legislation to ensure they maintain their safety and the safety of others. This includes identifying all hazards and ensuring those hazards are eliminated or controlled, so far as is reasonably practicable, e.g. hazards related to risk of falls of 2 metres, working near roadways, wet surfaces etc. Guidance materials on hazard and risk assessment and the hazards identified above are available by contacting WorkSafe, or by visiting their website at
  2. Commercial Water Carters are businesses which on sell water for consumption purposes who must be registered via a local Council and Department of Health and Human Services. For more information see the Environmental Health section of the Department of Health website at
  3. The standpipe card / key is not to be loaned or given to any person or business other than the permit holder. Please report lost/stolen cards/keys immediately to (03) 5832 4885.
  4. For standpipe key users: a log book is kept in each standpipe cabinet and must be completed with the required details. Should a log book not be available, full details are to be forwarded to GVW the same day the standpipe has been accessed. Water carriers are required to complete the standpipe key log book on obtaining each load:
    -  The white copy is retained by the water carrier, the pink and blue copies stay in the book.
    -  Dockets are in strict number order.
    -  The ‘Reading at start’ on the docket being completed by the water carter must be the reading on the meter attached to the standpipe before the carter commences filling. Likewise, the ‘Reading at end’ is the meter reading once the tank is filled.
  5. For standpipe key users: the standpipe must be locked after each access to prevent damage and unlawful water use.
  6. For standpipe key users: a monthly audit will be performed by GVW staff to ensure that the meter reading on each docket is consecutive and that all water taken from the standpipe is accounted for.
  7. A monthly account for both Account Cards and users with keys will be issued for water sales and is required to be paid within the Corporation’s trading terms of 14 days. Should these terms not be met:
    -  GVW reserves the right suspend the GVW issued Account card until outstanding monies are paid.
    -  GVW reserves the right to withdraw, rescind or suspend access at any time without notice and you release GVW from any loss or inconvenience resulting in such a restriction.
    -  An accounting / administration fee of $20 per month may apply to carriers who have purchased less than $15 of water in any one month.
  8. During times of drought or shortage of water, access to the standpipes may be restricted or prohibited for periods and uses as determined by GVW.
  9. Standpipe access is conditional on the supply system not being subjected to either Stage 3 or Stage 4 restrictions.
  10. Any damage to the standpipe, or its surrounds, or any abuse or unauthorised activity by others, is to be immediately reported to GVW.
  11. Upon request by GVW, the standpipe key is to be returned immediately.
  12. Once a standpipe key has been returned, a refund will be organised. Please allow four weeks for the processing of the refund, however should monies still be owed to GVW the refund will be deducted from monies owed.
  13. Should the honorary nature of the system enabling key access to the standpipes be abused, GVW reserves the right to withdraw the service.
  14. You must notify GVW of any changes to the details on your application.
  15. GVW reserves the right to amend or vary these terms and conditions and will notify you in writing at least one month before any changes take effect.
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Note - A $100 (per key) payment is required which is refundable when access to standpipe ceases or key is returned (see Note 12 next page)


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